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Check Back Soon!


  • Delta Zeta, greek life, life-long friends, gained valuable work experience from work study, it’s a beautiful campus and great place to work–Carrie Wyrick, 2005

  • Allen Smith, my co-workers, brunch on the weekends, the excellent professors–Kimberlin Massie, 2016

  • Chocolate milk, athletics, caf ladies, uniqueness, Mike Cox, Andrew Sulgit, Kate Southcott–Nicole McMillan, 2015

  • I love the atmosphere here, I met my husband here–Shelby McClanahan, 1959

  • Most of my family grew up here. I grew up climbing on the pine trees; it has always been a part of my life (even working here 11 years).–Sharon Cheatwood, 1960’s

  • The people I have worked and played with for more than 55 years, the beauty and location, and history of the campus. Affectionately, the campus friendly on the campus beautiful–Ben Crawford, 1958

  • Just a great place to work and be.–Michael Cox

  • Concord is the heart of the Athens community and a powerful force in the global community with graduates all over the world. Personally, Concord made all the difference for me: a life-changer.–Keith Circle, 2003

  • Great college experience that helped me land my first job after college.–Wes McKinney, 2013

  • It is my home and we are all family. I believe in our mission and the quality education our students get.–Lynnis Hill

  • It is a beautiful campus with friendly people and good education facilities. It gave me a good base for my career as a newspaper reporter.–Jeff Harvey, 1986

  • After 41 years since my graduation, I still enjoy attending the many events that CU holds for alumni.–Deborah Gore Gillespie, 1974

  • Of the valuable work ethic I developed and the wonderful friendships made while pursuing higher education. Concord gave me confidence and heart. It also taught me to love Starbucks!–Jamie Parsell Null, 2006

  • Concord is home.–Allen Smith, 2005